Meet the Team! The Hearth’s Director of Nursing Shares Her Story of Compassionate Care

NOVEMBER 27, 2020

For Director of Nursing at The Hearth at Drexel, Paullita Moore-Hall, providing compassionate care is more than her job description, it’s one of her innate qualities that continues to inspire her accomplished career. Working in the healthcare industry for over 20 years, Paullita’s passion in caring for others has been a guiding light for the majority of her life.

“Over 20 years ago I started off in geriatric nursing and long term care,” Paullita explains. “I’ve always been a compassionate person and I’ve always had an affinity for taking care of older adults. It started with my grandmother who is now 102 years-old and doing well,” she reflects. It is Paullita’s close relationship with her grandmother that continues to motivate her kind and caring work.

“I remember as far back as I can, being a small child and listening to my granmodhter’s stories and the things that she has been through. From her, I learned the basics of life and how to treat people. She has always been my rock. The little bit that I can do with my work in giving back to others who have been where she has, I find that extremely rewarding,” Paullita says.

This photo was taken before the COVID-19 pandemic and reflects life within our community.

I have held a lot of different nursing positions throughout my career. Whether I was working in the ICU, acute care, or emergency rooms, somehow I always found my way back to working with older adults. It is my passion. 

Director of Nursing at The Hearth at Drexel, Paullita Moore-Hall

Finding The Hearth: A close-knit community

After years of professional experience in geriatric nursing as well as hospice, Paullita began her work as Director of Nursing at The Hearth in June of 2019. Wearing many hats in this close-knit community, she says some of her most important responsibilities are managing her team and building trust between residents and families. “A big part of my role is keeping our staff morale high,” she explains.

My role in ensuring that we can work well together as a team allows us to keep focus on the bigger picture, which is taking care of our residents. And not just taking care of them, but giving them that excellence in care and the compassion that they deserve.

Director of Nursing, Paullita Moore-Hall

As Paullita and The Hearth’s staff provide the highest quality of care for residents throughout their community, the relationships they build with one another offer strength and hope to many. “I love my residents at The Hearth. This work is very rewarding because our residents trust us. I look at them as part of my extended family and that’s what brings me back every day,” Paullita affirms.

Safety Amidst COVID-19: The Hearth’s commitment to uplifting residents’ health and well-being

As The Hearth continues to go above and beyond to ensure residents’ safety and security amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Paullita feels grateful to have the opportunity to uplift their health and well-being through challenging times. “Both our residents and their family members have told me they feel safe and secure at The Hearth. There’s really no bigger honor than to earn our residents’ trust and their families trust, especially through COVID-19,” she reflects. “The appreciation that residents and families have shown us amidst this pandemic has been amazing,” Paullita adds.

With The Hearth’s close-knit community of staff, residents, and families, Paullita says their ability to rise to any challenge remains strong. “When this pandemic first began you could feel that sense of anxiety, but everyone at The Hearth rose to the occasion. Staff has kept their morale high and Liberty’s leadership has been wonderful in supporting our efforts,” Paullita explains. As Paullita and The Hearth continue to demonstrate resilience and motivation, their commitment to compassionate care remains strong.

Giving 150 percent on a daily basis, Paullita says what she enjoys most about her role at The Hearth is the ability to implement change and build strong teams. “I bring my years of professional experience to The Hearth each day and I model that behavior for our team so that we can provide the highest level of care possible and so that residents have the best outcomes,” she affirms. Indeed they do, as residents enjoy their retired years receiving the comfort of compassionate care from so many kind staff members at The Hearth like Paullita.

Watching our team at The Hearth come together throughout COVID-19 has been amazing. I come in every day and give 150 percent because I know that this team is working at that same level too. And we do that to make sure these residents get the care that they deserve. 

Director of Nursing at The Hearth, Paullita Moore-Hall