An Inspiring Journey to Recovery: Artman Rehab Helps CPR Instructor After Life-Changing Accident

OCTOBER 7, 2020

For retired medical X-ray technician, Denise, who has 45 years of experience in healthcare, taking care of others has always been a familiar skillset. When a tree fell through her home on Halloween night of 2019, and on top of her while sleeping, Denise’s life took an unexpected turn. Denise, who has spent her entire career taking care of others, felt incredibly lucky to have Artman Rehab take care of her when she needed them.

“The night of the accident we had a storm with 125 mph winds. The tree that fell on top of me was my neighbor’s 110 foot oak tree,” Denise recalls. “My husband, fortunately, was in the kitchen getting a glass of water. They said he wouldn’t have survived if he was in bed next to me,” she says gratefully. Denise’s husband immediately called 911 after the tree fell. Multiple first responders came to her rescue including ambulances, firemen and policemen. “There were also helicopters. My husband said it looked like something out a movie,” Denise reflects.

After first responders were able to free Denise from beneath the fallen tree, they transported her to the ICU at Abington Hospital. Denise suffered multiple injuries including a concussion, internal bleeding, three fractures to her pelvis, and a fractured ankle. When Abington Hospital discussed potential facilities for Denise to receive rehabilitation services she knew Artman was the right choice.

Artman Rehab: The First Choice for Compassionate Care

“I’m a retired X-ray tech, and I teach CPR classes at Artman,” Denise explains. Teaching CPR classes to physical and occupational therapists within the community, Denise was plenty familiar with Artman’s dedication to compassionate care.

I really admire the community at Artman and the great work that they do for their residents. I knew they would be the right place to do my rehabilitation.  

Denise, recovered patient of Artman Rehab

When Denise first entered Artman Rehab following her accident, the community’s warm and friendly welcome gave her a great sense of hope that she would recover successfully. “I remember my first day there, going down the hallway in my wheelchair. The staff recognized me as the CPR instructor, only now I was the patient. They made me feel so welcomed. They made me feel at home,” Denise reflects.

Knowing that she was in the trusted care of Artman’s physical and occupational therapists, Denise felt confident that she’d recover and be able to return to her everyday life. “Recovering for me was always extremely important. Before the accident happened, I would babysit my grandchildren twice a week. And I was helping my parents move to an assisted living community. And my husband, who had a kidney transplant, also needed me for help with doctor’s appointments. I had a lot of people depending on me for different things, which is why it was so important for me to get back to normal” she explains.

Determined to recover and return to everyday life…

With determination to babysit her grandchildren once again and be there for her loved ones, as well as returning to the instruction of her CPR classes, Denise persevered through Artman’s therapy with strength and motivation. “My physical and occupational therapists at Artman were outstanding. They both worked with me consistently, from my morning exercises in the gym to helping me walk the hallways and get back on my feet with a walker. Whatever programs they wanted me to do, I did with full steam ahead,” Denise affirms.

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