There’s so much more living to do

Distinctive living and personalized care in the charming Philadelphia suburbs

Want to hear from a resident? See the testimonial below, or better yet, click here to come see the Hearth at Drexel for yourself.

“We have been so impressed with how loving and caring the Staff at the Hearth have been, from the housekeepers and maintenance, to nurses, to administration. Add to that dedicated staff a beautiful facility, and we believe that our parents are in the best place possible for them at this stage of their lives.” Karen N., daughter of residents

In the morning, your cheerful household wakes up and everyone gathers around the table for breakfast and conversation.

By mid-morning, you’re feeling a little hungry, so you go to the kitchen to fix yourself a bowl of oatmeal.

Your friends are gathering around the table for a game of poker. “I’ll raise you a chip because I know you’re bluffing.” You win with a pair of aces.

Lunch is ready. You’re looking forward to a grilled cheese sandwich and a cup of tomato soup. Or maybe a chef salad? Pasta or fish ’n chips? So many choices!

In the afternoon, it’s time to get moving with a Liberty Lifestyles wellness program. You can even participate in specialized chair yoga or fitness class.

What’s for dinner? Gather around the table for a home-cooked meal with the other members of your household.

Invite your family to your birthday party, along with everyone in your household. Plan on spending celebration after celebration right here in the home you love.